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Katherine Jarvis Katherine Jarvis wine

Katherine Jarvis


President Katherine Jarvis brings passion, creativity and unique experiences in the wine and travel industries to Jarvis Communications. Since launching the company in 2005, Katherine has created custom-made programs for small and large, international and domestic clients in need of publicity.

Though she grew up with wine on the table every night for dinner, Jarvis’ career in wine began in 1997 when she worked in fine wine auctions in Chicago—first at Davis & Company Wine Auctioneers and then with Lionstone International in partnership with Sotheby’s North American wine auctions. In addition to developing new restaurant buyer accounts by working directly with sommeliers, she also established wholesale procedures in compliance with the three-tier distribution system. Previous to launching Jarvis Communications, she was an Executive Director for restaurant, travel and wine PR firm, Wagstaff Worldwide, Inc.

A native of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, she credits her upbringing as the child of two professors directing study abroad programs for her love of food, wine and culture. Two years in Bologna, Italy led to a lifetime obsession for tortellini alla panna, while two years in Malaga, Spain opened her eyes to the virtues of flamenco, Jerez and jamon Serrano.

She studied history and Latin American studies at Northwestern University taking semesters abroad in both Spain and Brazil, and summers in Petersburg, Alaska, gutting salmon. Upon graduation, she taught history at a bilingual school in Bogota, Colombia, before returning to Chicago to work in wine.

Katherine is a member of Slow Food, and is currently studying for an Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits with WSET. In her free time, she loves to cook, hike, go to flea markets, listen to vinyl records, read and spend time with her husband and two young daughters.

Sam Dependahl Sam Dependahl wine

Sam Dependahl

Account Director

Account Director Sam Dependahl joined Jarvis Communications in 2008. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, some of Dependahl’s earliest memories are of picnicking with his family at Santa Ynez wineries. With wine on the table for every dinner, he learned at a young age that wine is always to be treasured and never taken for granted. To this day, he continues to find inspiration in the story behind every bottle of wine he opens.

While attending college at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, he bolstered his wine education by exploring tasting rooms from Santa Maria to Paso Robles. During his senior year, he volunteered with Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards to help with the marketing and communications of the wine club. Following college Dependahl worked with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival alongside Artistic Director Roger Durling. During this time, he helped to produce several events whose sponsors included some of the region’s most respected wineries such as Domaine Alfred, Summerland, and L’Aventure.

Before coming to Jarvis Communications, Dependahl worked at LA-based boutique firm Indie PR, where he promoted films by studios such as Sony, Focus, The Weinstein Company and Fox. The scope of his work spanned placing clients in top national media outlets, managing awards campaigns, and securing national distribution at the AFI, Toronto, and Sundance Film Festivals. Prior to Indie PR he worked in celebrity PR at PMK*HBH, with such A-List accounts as Nicole Kidman, Sigourney Weaver, Ed Harris, and Glenn Close.

Since joining Jarvis Communications, Dependahl has been awarded the WSET Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits and CSW certification, and has completed two vintages of wine at home using fruit sourced from Paso Robles, CA.

Elizabeth Glenn Elizabeth Glenn wine

Elizabeth Glenn

Account Director

Elizabeth Glenn is an Account Director at Jarvis Communications.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Glenn’s adoration for wine was fostered by her parents, who frequently traveled to both Northern and Central California wine country and the Traverse City Peninsula to quench their thirst for wine and wine education.

A graduate of Oakland University, Glenn studied journalism and political science while working at Ambassador magazine, one of Detroit’s most esteemed publications. Her desire to combine her fervor for writing and entertainment led her to Los Angeles for a position at boutique agency Indie PR. There she worked on an array of studio blockbusters for Screen Gems and independent pictures for top-tier festivals such as Sundance, Toronto International, Santa Barbara International, Telluride and South by Southwest. Working closely with different talent, directors and writers on such diverse films provided Glenn an opportunity to flex her creative muscles and really reap the rewards of prosperous campaigns, including the 2011 Academy Award nominated Incendies. Her passion and dedication enabled her to secure placements in high-profile publications such as Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and InStyle, in addition to celebrity appearances on television shows such as CNN, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When Glenn isn’t nurturing her love of wine and creating new recipes, she can be found hiking all over Los Angeles, daydreaming of befriending Bruce Springsteen and defeating her friends and family in Catchphrase tournaments.

Sivan Salem Sivan Salem wine

Sivan Salem

Account Executive

Sivan “see-vahn” Salem is an Account Executive at Jarvis Communications. Sivan began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 16, during which she developed a love for the food and wine industries. While earning a B.A. in Communication Studies at UCLA, Sivan’s love for PR was sparked by a part-time internship at the PR firm PMK*BNC. On weekends, she worked as a server at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, where she became a trainer and was awarded a Green Apron for service mastery.

A daughter of an Argentine-raised mother and wine enthusiast, Sivan grew up with wine on the dinner table every night. In recent years, she has continued to explore the world of wine by visiting wineries in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Santa Barbara and Argentina. Her work experience in both the restaurant and public relations industries led her to Jarvis Communications, where she has greatly expanded her knowledge of the complex world of wine and public relations. Sivan received a WSET Level 2 certification in early 2015.

Sivan is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and loves exploring the Los Angeles restaurant scene. In her free time, Sivan can be found experimenting with new food and wine pairings in her kitchen, binge-watching television shows on Netflix, and spending time with her friends and family. She dreams of one day visiting and touring the European wine regions.

Natalie Weinstein Natalie Weinstein laughing

Natalie Weinstein

Account Executive

Natalie Weinstein is an Account Executive at Jarvis Communications. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, she grew up with her mom’s home cooking accompanied by a wine selected by her dad every night. Weinstein’s love of wine began with family dinners and flourished during her semester abroad in Argentina when she traveled to Mendoza. Her passion was sparked after tasting through the wines and hearing the histories of the vineyard owners.

A recent graduate of Trinity College in Connecticut, Weinstein received a BA in English with a minor in Hispanic Studies. In addition, she worked as an editor for her college newspaper and contributed to various publications while interning for Red Hen Press and Prospect Park Books in Pasadena. Weinstein has traveled to Argentina, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Piedmont in her exploration of wine. She also tried her hand at a local wine bar, pouring flights from around the world and brushing up on her wine knowledge with local experts. Her desire to combine her passion for writing with her love for wine led her to UCLA Extension where she received certification from their Wine Education and Management Certificate program.

When Weinstein isn’t tasting wines at a local wine bar and expanding her wine knowledge, she can be found baking a new recipe from Four & Twenty Blackbirds recipe book, reading up on old Los Angeles murder mysteries and watching Pedro Almodóvar films with friends and family.

Rebekah Zale

Account Coordinator

Rebekah Zale is an Account Coordinator at Jarvis Communications. Originally from the Midwest, she was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and obtained her BA in International Studies and Spanish from the University of Illinois. It was during her year abroad in Barcelona, Spain she began to develop her love for food, wine and travel.

Infected with the “travel bug” she moved to Santiago, Chile immediately following graduation and worked as an English teacher for a little over a year. One year turned into several, and as she found a second home in Chile she sought to turn her hobby and passion for wine into a career in the industry. Armed with a certificate in Chilean Wine: Production, Commercialization and Tasting from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile she landed a job as the Web Manager for Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery where she began to refine her wine marketing, communications and PR skills.

Now based in Los Angeles, Rebekah can be found playing the clarinet, hosting dinner parties, continuing her wine education and serving on the Board of Directors for the UCLA Anderson Wine Club.

Aisling Mahoney

Account Coordinator

Aisling Mahoney is an Account Coordinator at Jarvis Communications. A native of Connecticut, her family imparted on her a love of food and wine from a young age. Aisling grew up in the kitchen helping her mother prepare meals and make her own wine and beer in their basement.

A graduate of Tulane University with a BS in psychology, Aisling’s passion for food and wine grew while living in New Orleans and experiencing the vibrant, unique culture of the city. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and began working at an insurance agency where she was the assistant to the president as well as handled the marketing and HR for the agency. She was able to hone her organizational skills here and learned how to execute a targeted, successful marketing campaign.  However, her love of food and wine continued to grow and she knew she needed to pursue a career in the industry, ultimately leading her to Jarvis Communications.

Aisling loves all the diversity Los Angeles has to offer and is constantly finding different ways to explore and experience the city – often through new restaurants and wine bars. In her free time, she also enjoys spending time outside hiking or taking road trips and discovering new places. She hopes that her adventurous spirit will continue to open up new doors and allow her to travel and have new experiences.

Steph Slaughter

Editorial Consultant

Steph Slaughter’s career in the wine industry actually began at Jarvis Communications in 2010 and has since taken her around the world working harvests in wineries in France, New Zealand and California.

After earning a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Slaughter honed her skills in public relations as an account coordinator with Jarvis Communications. While there, she experienced the world of wine and winemaking first hand while hosting press trips for the company. Seeing the hard work and passion that goes into creating wine, she knew she had to try it herself. With a grant from the James Beard Foundation, Slaughter moved to Paris, France for a year of intense studying (i.e. getting the chance to visit some of the best Domaines in the country), earning a diploma in Wine & Management from Le Cordon Bleu. During her time there, Slaughter worked her first harvest at Domaine Vincent Carème in Vouvray, propelling her into the world of wine production.

Slaughter has since gotten her hands dirty, working harvest in Marlborough, New Zealand as well as working her way up from harvest intern at Chanin Wine Co. and LUTUM Wines, in Santa Barbara, CA. A right hand (wo)man there, under the guidance of winemaker Gavin Chanin, Slaughter did everything from scrubbing barrels to writing release letters to performing basic lab work.

As a recent transplant to Denver, CO, she is looking forward to exploring the growing food and wine scene and is currently enrolled in the UC Davis Extension Winemaking Certificate Program.

Slaughter is thrilled to be working with the Jarvis team once again and looks to bring her unique background in winemaking and PR to help clients share their passions and wines with people throughout the world.

Akari Yamamura

Office Manager

Akari Yamamura is the Office Manager at Jarvis Communications.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles Area, Akari grew up spending much of her time cooking in the kitchen with her parents. After studying Linguistics at UCSC, her interest in languages and love of food brought her to Vietnam where she worked in a hotel, interacting with international guests, all while studying Vietnamese and Vietnamese cuisine. After her return, she was recruited into an Administrative position at Crustacean Beverly Hills then went on to become a floor manager, where she had her first encounter with the wonderful world of food and wine pairings.

Since then, her experience has included management positions with the Patina Group, The Resort of Pelican Hill, as well as a supervisor and graphic designer position with Buzz Wine Beer Shop. In pursuing her wine education, her enthusiasm has taken her all around the west coast, Italy, and Greece. She has been awarded the Introductory Level for the CMS, and the Advanced Certification for the WSET.

Aside from working on graphics and searching for the perfect pairing, Akari enjoys watching Friends reruns, attempting new yoga poses at home, and learning top 40 songs on stringed instruments such as guitar and ukulele.


Office Dog

Henry, a terrier-mix, joined Jarvis Communications in April of 2015. One rare rainy LA day on a whim and with no dog in her immediate forecast, Katherine decided to check out the local pet adoption center with her daughters. Dogs howled, cats meowed, and Henry—without making a sound—looked her in the eyes. End of story. Kismet!

Henry loves to be loved—by humans and other dogs—and gives it back in spades. He can’t wait to come to the office every day to make the rounds (and hopefully get a treat from Sivan). He loves to chew on his Chubaka toy, give kisses and run in his sleep. He listens to reggae, soul music, and hip hop. He thinks venison has potential for the next big food trend, and can smell a good Barolo from miles away.