Taste of Technology: Napa Valley’s Bouchaine Vineyards utilizes Cisco IoT sensors to measure vineyard data in real time

(Sept 14, 2021; Napa, Calif.)— Bouchaine Vineyards announced today that it has integrated advanced sensor technologies from Cisco Systems with one of the oldest human agricultural traditions: viticulture. Bouchaine is utilizing Cisco Industrial Asset Vision sensors to track block by block data throughout the 100 acres of estate vineyards in the Carneros AVA. For a full circle experience from vine to glass,

Consumers can book vritual tastings with Bouchaine using Cisco Webex with the added value of getting to see the sensor technology used in the vineyards firsthand through a virtual dashboard.

“For hundreds of years, much of grape growing has been based on anecdotal knowledge shared between generations of winegrowers, along with visual cues taken by walking the vineyards,” says Bouchaine Winemaker and General Manager Chris Kajani. “Now this knowledge, which is so central to the traditions of great wines, can be digitized.  This automatic accumulation of data with real time dashboards will give us insight across the lifetime of the vineyard. Cisco’s sensor technology allows Bouchaine to gather hard data in real time, bringing us the ability to make sight-specific grape growing decisions year after year based on our vineyard’s microclimates.”

By installing these sensors in multiple areas of the vineyard, Bouchaine’s winemaking team will have real time access to data that tracks temperature, light, humidity, wind and water availability over the course of the growing season. The technology also measures the amount of light hitting individual grapevines within each block, offering key insights into the tannin development of grapes. Using Cisco’s sensors to understand the data behind the microclimate of individual vineyard blocks within the estate gives Bouchaine the opportunity to refine decisions on irrigation, leafing and fruit thinning.

“These sensors allow us to better preserve one of our most precious resources—water,” says Kajani. “Water use is one of the central issues confronting California farming today, and temperature is a key indicator of not only how grapevines ripen, but also when to irrigate. As drought conditions in California continue to be a challenge, Bouchaine will be able to use data from Cisco Industrial Asset Vision sensors to dial in irrigation decisions and only use water when and where it is absolutely necessary.”

Virtual tastings have been central to Bouchaine’s marketing and hospitality strategy over the past year. With the integration of Cisco Webex, Bouchaine has expanded its digital hospitality experience offerings. With Webex, guests who attend virtual tastings will see a livestream of the vineyard along with a dashboard of temperature, humidity and light data, allowing for one of Carneros’ oldest, family-owned vineyards to come alive in very tangible ways from the comfort of their own homes.

Bouchaine uses Cisco Webex technology for all their virtual wine tastings. “COVID-19 fast-tracked digital transformation projects around the world and wineries are now able to connect with consumers online at a global scale,” says Bouchaine DTC Director Brian Allard. “Small, family-owned wineries like ours face shrinking paths to market and greater competition from large players in the world of distribution. Using Cisco Webex, we are able to revive and maintain a national audience.”

About Bouchaine

Bouchaine was founded in 1981 by Gerret and Tatiana Copeland and is today one of the leading producers of sustainably farmed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the Carneros AVA. The estate is comprised of 104 acres, including a state-of-the art winery and new hospitality center and culinary kitchen. The vineyards at Bouchaine are greatly influenced by the adjacent San Pablo Bay, where cool breezes and the daily influx of fog allow cool climate varieties to shine. The marine influence also helps to develop beautiful acidity in the fruit, resulting in wines with vivid energy and texture. Noted as the first “Fish Friendly Farming” certified vineyard in Napa Valley, the winery is also Napa Green land and winery certified.

For more information about Bouchaine Vineyards, please visit https://bouchaine.com/

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