Head High Wines partners with Sustainable Surf to bring attention to ocean preservation

Head High Wines partners Bill Price and Sam Spencer are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sustainable Surf, a California-based non-profit organization committed to preserving beaches and oceans for surf enthusiasts.

Founded by Kevin Whilden and Michael Stewart, Sustainable Surf aims to address environmental impacts that threaten the “surfing habitat” (e.g. ocean acidification and sea level rise) via engaging environmental campaigns that educate surfers about the lifestyle choices they can take to lower their impact on the ocean environment. The organization partners with key players in the surfing industry to help implement these campaigns, and showcase how business can be an important force in solving the world’s environmental issues. For every two bottles of Head High wine sold, $0.50 is donated to Sustainable Surf efforts.

“As avid-surfers, partnering with Sustainable Surf was a natural decision for me and Bill,” says Spencer. “Just as we treat our vineyards with the utmost care, we believe the ocean and beaches deserve the same attention. It’s an honor to be involved with this group.”

Sustainable Surf is one of two non-profit partnerships for the brand, the other being the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation. For every two bottles sold, $1 is donated by Head High Wines to these charities.

Launched in early 2015, Head High derives its name from the surfing term which refers to waves that perfectly match the height of the rider. Head High approaches the craft by respecting the natural thumbprint of the vineyard and emphasizing the link we all share with nature. Price and Spencer’s shared enthusiasm for surfing and the outdoors provided an important blueprint when producing wines that, above all else, provoke unexpected exploration. As every surf break provides a new opportunity for adventure, each bottle is an expression of a journey, spoken through nature’s winds, great soil, and superior fruit.

Head High produces 2013 Pinot Noir ($35) from the Sonoma Coast, 2013 Red Blend ($30) from the North Coast, and 2014 Rosé ($24) from the Sonoma Coast. For more information or to join the mailing list, please visit www.headhighwines.com.

To learn more about Sustainable Surf or make a donation, please visit www.sustainablesurf.org.

About Head High
Head High is a label born from a shared vision between Bill Price, entrepreneur and owner of Classic Wines and Price Family Vineyards, and managing director and winemaker Sam Spencer. The new winery and partnership, which came to fruition in 2015 focuses on Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Rosé, and a North Coast Red Blend from prime vineyard sites in California. Head High operates as sustainable and responsible stewards for the ecosystem in which we all live and play. Head High’s non-profit efforts represent a two pronged approach to support both the community of people that grow and make these wines, and the power and beauty of the natural world and its resources as a whole.

About Sustainable Surf
Sustainable Surf takes an integrated “systems thinking” approach with their innovative programs and campaigns, which engage both individuals and businesses in partnership to solve the most pressing environmental issues facing our oceans, caused most significantly by the impacts of climate change. Current partners include like-minded companies such as 1% for the Planet, Reef and Patagonia. Additionally, Sustainable Surf enlists brand ambassadors involved with surf culture to convey their message to the public and assist in educating others about the importance of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.