Jarvis Communications, Inc. creates and manages public relations programs for companies, people and brands in the wine, spirits, restaurant and travel industries.



The Jarvis Communications team has years of experience in working with the media to highlight our clients and their products through press coverage that is relevant, accurate, and targeted towards maximizing business goals. We work with our clients to establish strategic goals aimed at communicating clear and precise messaging, increasing awareness, and ultimately sales through positive press coverage. Our outreach is broken down into a tactical 12-month timeline, which considers business sales cycles as well as journalistic trends, editorial calendar lead times, and critic submissions. We leverage close relationships with A-list print, broadcast, and online journalists and influential voices at regional, national, and international outlets to ensure constant top-of-mind awareness and to initiate media activity.



A company must have both a distinct and compelling story and a strategy for communicating. We develop effective positioning points that serve as the cornerstone of our clients’ communications platform to both the media and the public. As press agents, Jarvis Communications handles all incoming requests for interviews, information, and other inquiries in a manner that is accurate and consistent. By overseeing the writing and distribution of all press announcements, statements, and correspondence, we ensure that a consistent message is displayed.

Jarvis Communications produces comprehensive press kits featuring company history and overview statements, biographies, product information, and other materials. We have access to top professionals in photography, graphic design, video production, and printing to create polished materials. Additionally, we offer services in producing visually impactful electronic press kits comprising on-camera interviews with key company principals, video b-roll footage, and featurette documentaries, which can be serviced to broadcast outlets or incorporated into a company’s website and trade materials.



Jarvis Communications offers training seminars in one-on-one and group settings to train brand representatives on how to communicate the organization’s story in a way that meets both the journalist’s goals as well as the larger brand message. We offer insight into the intricacies of working with different types of media, how to get a message across in a limited period, and tips and techniques for tactfully answering difficult questions.



Jarvis Communications provides a broad range of services related to the planning, setup, and execution of targeted events, both in person and virtually. From the development of creative promotional consumer events to overseeing the intricate logistics of participating in external trade events, our expertise covers every aspect of the process. When appropriate, we actively promote our clients’ event participation through media appointments and press coverage. We also research and pursue opportunities to partner with what we feel are the country’s top trade and consumer events, assessing each based on strict criteria before making decisions on whether it represents a good opportunity.



Jarvis Communications organizes multi-day press tours to key markets, setting up media appointments, coordinating media wine dinners and events, and supporting our clients’ spokespersons before, during, and after the tour to maximize success. We also host journalists for visits and meetings with our clients in addition to hosting media events and seminars bringing key trade, business, and lifestyle writers face-to-face with our clients.

Jarvis Communications offers consulting services to supplement and enhance our clients’ marketing programs. We brainstorm promotional ideas, creative news hooks, and branding strategies. Our strategy also incorporates opportunities for strategic partnerships, consumer-targeted special events and visitor experiences, product placement, and consumer outreach.



Jarvis Communications has an in-house graphic artist capable of developing professional-quality accolades sheets, article clips, and product one-sheets. We can also work with clients and our official design and printing partners to develop comprehensive HTML email blasts and websites, promotional materials, Powerpoint presentations, and other creative design projects.  



Jarvis Communications offers à la carte copywriting services for marketing materials, press releases, articles, and websites to assist companies in realizing successful campaigns while fortifying their brand’s image.

Jarvis Communications has experienced digital strategists who can analyze and grow social media followings across platforms, create compelling content, foster engagement, maintain a consistent brand tone, and react quickly and carefully as needed. We create photography and videos for use on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.